Kelly Donougher

Ocean Reef, WA

What a fantastic course! I found this course to be completely practical, inspiring and most importantly exactly what you need to know when starting out your journey in the design industry.

To the highly skilled tutors, easy to navigate online assignment submissions and the outstanding support and design community, I really can't recommend this course enough.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of completing this course, which has given me the skills to start my own business and my own brand in this creative industry.



Tracey Fowler

Dee Why Headland, NSW

I now have the qualification to turn my passion into a career. Now that I have knowledge of the principles of design, I look at the world (architecture, furniture, colour etc) differently.

I also feel confident to interact with people in the industry and turn my dreams into a reality. I am so excited to start my own small business and create beautiful spaces that will make people happy.

I loved my online tutor, Wendi! We developed a strong rapport. She was so friendly and genuine in her interest, support and encouragement. Wendi gave really helpful feedback and was prompt in answering my questions.

Home Beautiful showed my work in their special edition of 'The Essential Bathroom Guide" and they will be featuring my work again in January!

Robyn Mccormack

Palm Beach, QLD

The Interior Design Institute provided a great framework for my first studies in the area of Interior Design and Decorating. The course instilled me with the confidence to start my own business and commit my career to the design industry. I finished with renewed passion for the industry and a keen attitude to get in there and do it.

The tutors responded to my questions and delivered results promptly and consistently.

The course covers all the necessary elements about Interior Design so you can get a feel for what areas will suit you best.

The online component makes the work easy and stress free. Going at your own pace means that you can study as much or as little as you like to complete your assignments in the timeframe that suits your lifestyle.

I recommend the course to anyone who is looking for that kick- start in a new career or a great guide to improving your own home as a hobby.

I've already started my own business!

Joanne Harrison

Brisbane, QLD

It is with pleasure I recommend this Course to anyone wanting to join the Design Industry. I learnt more than I thought I would and It was very enjoyable. It did stretch me at times, which I am also grateful.

I found myself completely immersed in each Module and I enjoyed the practical content. I felt very supported by my Tutor Wendi and the Student Support team as well.

The Facebook group was great to bond and relate to other Students, so I didn't feel alone. Thank you, I am so pleased I took the plunge and signed up for this Course.

It was extremely good value for money. I am now excited and feel ready to enter into the exciting industry of Interior Design.


Gregory Churchill

Perth, WA

I have always had a desire to do Interior Design, but have always put it off due to the normal pressures of work and life in general. Over a discussion with friends and family at our annual Christmas dinner, I decided that 2013 was going to be THE year for me to achieve my goal of fulfilling and completing my Interior Design course. I did not have the time to go back to Uni and do four long years of design studying, and after a lot of research on the internet, I decided to opt for The Interior Design Institute.

I asked many questions which they gladly answered before I had made any decision which impressed me. I found their website to be the most informative, attractive and professional so I took the plunge and signed up.

I already had been practicing as a Property Stylist for over a year after, I did a course through a USA based company and love what I do, but I always felt that I was lacking proper Australian qualifications and hence I went ahead and began my course.

I had made up my mind that if I did this course I was going to give it my all, and do the best that I can. I did heaps of research on the internet and approached each assignment as though my life depended on it, as I always believe if you are going to do something, to do it to the best of your capabilities. From assignment 1 right up to assignment 12 I achieved a score of 10/10 for each assignment, 100% for the entire course. I loved the challenge of each assignment and the complete re-design of our own house plan, through to the electrics, colour choice, furniture planning and selection, all was a genius way of introducing students into taking charge and actually doing the work of an Interior Designer.

I LOVED every aspect of the challenge of each assignment, and because I also wanted to do so much more of my own online research to learn even more about the modules I was studying, it has opened a new door for me to view the design world and all the interiors I walk into in a totally different light. I am now able to read the designer thoughts and hints as to why he/she did what they did in that particular space.

From the warm, friendly and super-efficient student support team, to my supportive, always-ready-to-help tutor, I sailed through the course knowing I could always, and at any time, get quick assistance with all of my questions and queries. It was a huge confidence booster for me. Plus we could join the Facebook page and chat with students all over the world and here in Australia about questions we may have about each assignment, loved that aspect of the course, what a great idea.

I managed to complete the course in fewer than 4 months, and very proud that I have my framed certificate.

Houzz has awarded me two years in a row for the 'Best of Houzz - Client Satisfaction' award, which was voted by the Houzz community!

You can see my Houzz profile page and recent projects at:


I would definitely recommend anybody who is considering a course in Interior Design to sign up today, I loved every minute of the course!



Tahlia Fursland

Lara, VIC

Upon deciding to pursue this course, I left my Bachelor of Design Arts course midway because it was not the right fit for me at all, a very scary decision. But now, upon completing the 12 modules, I can easily say it was definitely the best decision i've ever made.

My reasoning for leaving my Bachelor's Course was that the Support was not there, Tutors didn't really care and I was basically teaching myself from the very little resources they provided for us. Studying with IDI, my Tutor was fantastic, replying to me within hours if I had any questions about what I was reading or what should be included in my Assignment, and Assignments were marked quickly, letting me get a start on the next one. The resources provided were abundant, my Tutor providing extra reading that I may find helpful or interesting as well as included in the Modules.

This Course provided valuable knowledge into all aspects of Interior Design, not just the designing aspects but the business aspects as well, while giving me the opportunity to learn at my own pace, fitting it around a busy lifestyle. The modules are put together in a way that are very easy to understand, making online learning an ideal choice.

Now that I have finished this course, my plans are to complete a few of the Advanced Modules to expand my knowledge further and begin building my own business.


Sarsha Pipia

IDI offers an amazing Interior Design course! Embarking on this career change has been an incredible personal and creative journey for me. I have developed the fundamental skills and knowledge of the principals of Interior Design, and am extremely passionate about applying this within the industry.

The flexibility of working through Modules at your own pace to suit your own individual lifestyle was paramount to me.

My Tutor was supportive, encouraging and amazingly easy to work with. She was always available to chat with via the Student Support message page at any time of day or night. My Assignments were always marked quickly and thoroughly, with practical comments and feedback.

IDI also offer students a FREE website Portfolio to display their work which is essential for any new Graduate trying to gain work in the Interior Design industry.

If you've ever considered studying Interior Design... DO IT! You won't regret enrolling with IDI.

Kristen Sharkie

Melbourne, VIC

I’ve always loved Interior Design and many people have told me I have a natural flare for it. This course came at the perfect time for me and I was able to manage it whilst being at home with my little one.

It was the right length of time, the right price and the perfect commitment on a monthly basis. I have learnt so much during this course and feel confident in pulling together ideas and producing amazing spaces, I’ve already lined up a few jobs and can’t wait to get this career going!!!

I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Interior Design, whether you want to challenge yourself and learn a few things, whether your building or renovating, or if you’re wanting to start a new career in Interior Design.


Jennifer Claire Furnell

Queenscliff, NSW

I found the IDI course to be a great introduction in to the complex world of Interior Design, each module helped me gain more insight in to the industry and I built a strong foundation for every layer it involves.

Being able to study at my own pace really suited me as I was pregnant and working full time so I was able to fit it in to my schedule when it suited me. My tutor gave me some great feedback and solid advice for what to expect after completing the course.

I've since gone on to start my own successful Interiors business specialising in Children's rooms and nurseries and haven't looked back since. Thanks IDI for giving me a great start to such a fantastic career in Interior Design.


Kate Knapp

Dromana, VIC

I've been interested in Interior Design all my life. I remember redesigning my bedroom when I was twelve, and then repeating the process every two years when I wanted a new style. Looking back now, I have always loved design and interiors and I don't know why I didn't pursue this career path when I was young.

Now, I am doing what I love. After finishing the course I started Stickle Design which focuses on providing functional and beautiful interior spaces with a focus on solar passive design and sustainability. I'd never run a business before and my tutor Wendy recommended some books about managing an interior design practice and reading these gave me some practical guidance on how to get up and running. I'm also lucky that I come from a family of builders and designers so I have existing links within the industry that spread far and wide.

The flexibility of online learning was what I needed to get me started on this journey and the feedback from my tutor confirmed that I was on the right path. The way the modules and assignments were structured made it really easy to fit studying into my lifestyle and around existing commitments. Each module and assignment provided opportunities to learn and complete further research without being daunting and overwhelming, which I found was a good balance. I also received great support from other students on the Facebook page. I’ve now enrolled in several of the advanced modules and look forward to learning more.

Ben Grigg

Pagewood, NSW

I enrolled in the IDI course of Interior Design to become more informed about Interior Design with the aim of renovating and redesigning my own home. By doing this course I have certainly become more informed and now look upon Interior Design as a hobby and a creative outlet.

I found the modules to be interesting and informative as well as a source of information that I refer back to time and again. The earlier modules on the history of Architecture and Design had me driving around the suburbs of Haberfield, Burwood and Paddington in Sydney looking at Federation and Victorian Architecture. Later modules on colour, fabric and textiles had me gaining a new appreciation for these things and now I'm the one who won't walk out of the homeware store.

The assignments were challenging to say the least as well as rewarding. I felt a sense of great satisfaction completing the assignments as I got to use my creative side, which had been poorly neglected for many years.

My tutor was a great source of information and provided me with direction (without giving me the answers) when I needed guidance.

Through telling my friends and family about the course and how much I have enjoyed doing it I have found myself with a small project to work on (separate to my own renovation). This is not something I had intended but I am excited to be putting into practice what I have learned.

I would recommend the IDI course to anyone who is interested in Interior Design, whether it be as a hobby or prospective career.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rebecca Smith

Merewether, NSW

I did not know what to expect when I signed up for an online course. I am usually hard to get motivated when it comes to self-learning. I was relieved when I opened the first Module and it was actually enjoyable to read – from a real person’s perspective and not like a textbook.

I loved that the assignments did not have a due date so you could work on them at your own pace. I thought each assignment was insightful to the areas in which an Interior Designer would have to work and gave me a feel of what type of ‘real life' scenarios I may have to deal with.

My tutor was really helpful, answering any questions I had about the assignments and I really enjoyed her feedback at the end of the assignments. I really think it’s important to have tutors who have worked in the field and have their own businesses. You know you are getting honest advice about something that they know and are good at.

The student support team were fabulous in the fact they were so helpful and quick at emailing me back when I had a query.

I was so proud to receive my Graduation certificate! Studying through The interior Design Institute was such a fantastic experience, I am looking forward to starting a career in Interior Design and consultation and I feel I am more confident and have learnt so many new concepts through each module in this course.

Caroline Lawton

Beaumaris, VIC

After a decade or so in the Corporate world, whilst juggling several successful renovation projects, it was time to follow my heart.

I have always loved to be surrounded by Nature and Design, and it was time to make this my future.

I spent considerable time researching on the Internet and discovered The Interior Design Institute, past students sung its praises, and I loved the way it was structured. Looking back, it is one of the best life choices I have ever made.... The course, whilst sometimes challenging was so enjoyable, and my total mark of 99.17% is testament to this.

The study I put into each Module taught me so much, my Tutor, Robert was terrific, he was always there to answer any questions, mark my assignments and provide constructive feedback. The structure of the course allowed me to work at my own pace whilst juggling a family and running a family business.

The course has given me the confidence to start my own successful Interior Design Studio, 'Six Pieces', with my business partner Titia Huggard. Our design services cover all aspects of Interior Design, blending elements to create livable and timeless spaces that bring happiness to our Clients.

I love what I do, and through hard work and dedication my dream has become a reality. If Design is your passion, don't put it off any longer, you will love this course!

I have already had several projects featured in the Media, such as the one below;


Six Pieces can also be found at:


Kennedy Johnstone

Truganina, VIC

Completing the Interior Design Institute's course was beneficial in so many ways. I currently have a career as a Colour Consultant & needed to move forward.

Finishing the course has enabled me to seek a more professional career path.

The modules were easy to understand & the assignments were challenging on a highly creative level. My tutor was more than helpful & her comments on completing my assignments inspired me to strive harder.

I have full confidence in my abilities as a Designer & Colour Consultant & know this will assist me in reaching for new heights in my career!

I have just completed my website, placed a local advertisement & have ordered my business cards! I have also had a few enquiries within one week and my first official appointment is in two days!

I have told all my friends about the course & they are now considering starting! Thanks to all the team at the institute, wish me luck!

Natasha Papik

Coopers Plains, QLD

Studying with The Interior Design Institute has been such a fantastic experience. Not only did I have the flexibility to study online and at my own pace, I also had the best support from the Support Team and my Tutor.

After I submitted an assignment it was marked quite quickly and I received very in-depth and thorough feedback with every submission, which was just wonderful. At first I thought studying online would be difficult, but every module is thorough with explanations and if I ever did have any questions, my Tutor would reply to my emails within a day or two. I was very impressed with the support that I received.

I am so excited to be at the next step, where I can start doing the ground work to open up my own business and it's all thanks to The Interior Design Institute!

As an ex-university student, I started doing a Bachelor of Design which, for me, lasted six months out of the three allocated years. This was due to the lack of support that I received and the lack of structure of some of the classes. I would definitely recommend studying this course, as it allows you to understand things at your own pace, and greatly build your knowledge and range of skills!

Although I am extremely excited to have finished the course so that I can start building my own business, I would have to say that graduating is definitely bitter-sweet! I will miss sitting down with my laptop and reading through modules and assignments as I really did enjoy every second! Thanks to my Tutor and Support Team, I will never forget your help or this great experience!

Kerie Hurst

Palmwoods, QLD

I needed a course that I could fit in to my busy lifestyle, working in the family business, running a busy household whilst bringing up a family and in between developing my new Interior Design business.

The course content & assessment criterion offered by the Interior Design Institute sounded exactly what I wanted & the fact that I could complete it online in my own time really suited me.

It was great having immediate access to each module once the previous module was completed. I'm pleased I didn't have access to them all from the very beginning, it would have been all too daunting and I may never have completed the course!

The Student Support Team were fantastic, I never had to wait for an answer to my queries and my Tutor was unbelievable. There is a definite art to be able to teach & encourage whilst not sounding either too nice/fluffy or alternatively being too condescending or critical. I wanted to learn so I would have been disappointed by someone who gave only praise & no constructive feedback. At the same time to be too critical would have been confidence destroying.

As it turned out I actually looked forward to my assignments being marked not only because of the positive feedback I received, but how much I'd learn each time. Each assessment was very specific & so encouraging.

I’ve gained so much confidence along with invaluable knowledge of the fundamentals of the industry, also how to talk the talk & ultimately see my first of many paid projects to fruition.

It’s taken me a year to complete in between everything else & I can’t believe that instead of being elated to be finished I’m strangely disappointed that it’s over.

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